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Bullion & Coins


Gold 1 oz Bar

Gold 1 oz Bar
Gold 1 oz bars are .9999 fine (99.99% pure) and contain one fine troy oz of gold.

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Gold American Eagle (1 oz) coins

Gold American Eagle (1 oz) coins
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are created according to the durable, .9167 fine or 22-karat standard.

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Silver 100 oz Bar

Silver 100 oz Bar
Silver 100 oz bars maintain a fineness of at least 99.9% purity.

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Silver American Eagle (1 oz) coins

Silver American Eagle (1 oz) coins
Silver Eagles are tangible and beautiful investments. They are .999 fine silver, the finest silver coins ever issued by the US.

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“24K” IRA

Secure Your Golden Years With a 24K Precious Metals IRA From Navellier Gold
Apply for your precious metals retirement 24K IRA now!

(Takes just 10 minutes.)

Imagine if you could simply enjoy your retirement, without worrying if the next market meltdown or financial crisis would tear a big bite out of your nest egg.

While no one can predict the future, diversifying into assets like gold and silver bullion can help shield you from the volatility and Wall Street shenanigans that have plagued investors for more than a decade. Gold and silver prices are largely uncorrelated with the stock market or other assets, so they are more likely to retain value during a market downturn. What’s more, gold has historically offered protection against inflation and periods of financial uncertainty. That’s why, from 1999 to 2012, gold prices climbed six-fold while stock prices gyrated and the U.S. Dollar lost value.

Of course, to enjoy real peace of mind, you want to own actual gold and silver bullion – in the form of pure bars and coins. Not derivatives based on gold. Not shares in a fund that claims to invest in gold (but could be leveraged to the hilt). And not junior mining companies that could go belly-up. (As Mark Twain observed, a potential gold mine can sometimes be nothing more than a hole in the ground with a liar in front of it. If you’re old enough to remember the Bre-X Minerals debacle, you’ll understand what he meant.)

Fortunately, you have a better option. Through a partnership arrangement with Entrust, Navellier Gold is pleased to offer you a precious metals 24K IRA account with which you can own actual gold and silver bullion and enjoy the same tax deductions on your contributions as you would with any other IRA. You can start from scratch or transfer funds from an existing IRA. And you may choose from a variety of IRA accounts, including Traditional, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, and SEP IRAs.

To satisfy regulations concerning IRAs, we deal strictly in gold and silver bullion bars and coins that are 99.9% pure or higher – products which closely track gold and silver spot prices. Your metals will be held in high-security, 3rd party vaults in your choice of two different US domestic locations. These are the same vaults used by central banks and sovereign nations. They are audited regularly by a major  accounting firm and your holdings are 100% insured by one of the world’s largest insurance companies, regardless the amount. (This is considerably safer than cash in a bank account, which the FDIC only insures to a maximum of $250,000.)

Navellier Gold is owned by Louis Navellier, he is  a veteran investment advisor that oversees the management firm with $4 billion under management for institutional and high net worth individuals. We have decades of experience helping investors prepare for a prosperous retirement and can offer you a wide range of resources to promote your financial success. You may contact us at any time for information and advice.

Best of all, you can do everything online – anywhere, anytime – from opening an account, to buying and selling various types of bullion, to keeping track of your portfolio and the current trends in gold and silver prices. We make everything simple and straightforward, so you can take care of your current financial and retirement needs with a minimum of time and effort.

To apply for your precious metals 24K IRA, simple follow this link to our easy online application. Just 10 minutes is all it takes to get started.