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Bullion & Coins


Gold 1 oz Bar

Gold 1 oz Bar
Gold 1 oz bars are .9999 fine (99.99% pure) and contain one fine troy oz of gold.

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Gold American Eagle (1 oz) coins

Gold American Eagle (1 oz) coins
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are created according to the durable, .9167 fine or 22-karat standard.

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Silver 100 oz Bar

Silver 100 oz Bar
Silver 100 oz bars maintain a fineness of at least 99.9% purity.

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Silver American Eagle (1 oz) coins

Silver American Eagle (1 oz) coins
Silver Eagles are tangible and beautiful investments. They are .999 fine silver, the finest silver coins ever issued by the US.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Navellier Gold, the Navellier Bullion Platform, 24k Auto-Savings and 24k IRA Accounts

About Us

What is Navellier Gold?
Navellier Gold provides convenient, low-cost services to help investors own and trade gold and silver bullion. We are an affiliate of Navellier & Associates, an investment management firm that currently looks after $4 billion in assets for institutional and private investors. Navellier Gold offers private investors access to vaulting services and an online trading platform through which they can buy and sell gold and silver within an IRA or non-IRA investment account.

How did Navellier Gold get started?
Louis Navellier, founder and Chairman of Navellier Gold, has been managing institutional portfolios since 1987 through his firm, Navellier & Associates. He recognized the opportunities which were emerging in precious metals and that investors needed an easier, safer, and more cost effective way to buy and sell gold and silver. In particular, investors needed an easy way to hold precious metals within personal corporate and IRA accounts. Navellier Gold is the solution he enacted.

Precious Metals

What are the advantages of buying gold and silver bullion over ETF shares or Precious Metals mutual fund shares?
Gold and silver metals are among the few assets that are not someone else’s liability. Unlike stocks, bonds, or ETF shares, the value of bullion does not depend on another party’s financial solvency, management skills, or prudence. Precious metals are highly liquid and have served as a store of value throughout human history.

Compared to ETF shares, gold and silver bullion purchased through Navellier Gold:

  • Have the highest correlation to precious metal spot prices.
  • Can be stored in facilities around the world, reducing the geopolitical risk associated with mining companies.
  • Are not subject to changes in regulatory oversight by the CFTC
  • Are fully insured.
  • Allow you to diversify out of paper assets, reducing your exposure to stock and bond market volatility.
  • Have no exposure to leverage (derivatives, short-selling, margin, etc.).

Where does Navellier Gold obtain gold and silver bullion?
Navellier Gold has partnered with several leading dealers to purchase gold and silver on behalf of its customers.

How does Navellier Gold offer the best price for precious metals?
Navellier Gold obtains continuously updated price quotes from several leading approved dealers to ensure you receive the best available price at the moment you choose to buy or sell.

What products does Navellier Gold offer?
Navellier Gold offers gold bullion bars that meet the LBMA purity standards and a variety of sovereign coins. We also offer a variety of silver bullion bars and coins that meet similar high standards and are guaranteed to be 99.9% pure. All coins are minted by sovereign governments. All bars must meet Good Delivery standards. Large (multi-ounce) bars are stamped with unique serial numbers for identification and confirmation of ownership.

We do not deal in collectible, numismatic, or rare coins, because they are ineligible for IRA accounts and because their value tends to be more volatile and less reflective of precious metals spot prices.

For a complete list of bullion products currently available, click here.

What is a “good delivery bar”?
Standards for good delivery bars are set by the London Bullion Market Association. Bars with this designation must meet criteria regarding purity, weight, dimensions, marks, production, packing, and delivery.

Where will my bullion be stored?
Navellier Gold has partnered with vault partners that are recognized by the London Bullion Market Association to provide you with options for safe allocated storage of your precious metals. Currently, you may choose to have gold and silver stored in protected and insured vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, or London. These vaults offer state-of-the-art security and all holdings are 100% insured.

How do I know my precious metal is actually in the vault?
Each of our approved vaulting facilities audits its holdings daily and transmits a complete report to Navellier Gold. In addition, vaults are audited regularly by one of the big international auditing firms.

What is allocated storage?
Navellier Gold stores precious metals on an allocated basis. “Allocated” means that the precious metal is held in the vault specifically on behalf of each individual client. Holdings are not “pooled.” You have a right to confirm your ownership of specific bars and coins.

What are the storage fees?

Storage fees vary according to the type and value of the precious metals. Feel free to contact us at any time to for more details.

How are trades settled?
Navellier Gold strives to settle orders within two business days after their execution. In the unlikely case that Navellier Gold cannot purchase or sell precious metal bars totaling the exact order amount, our broker will only be required to pay (in the case of a purchase) or will only receive (in the case of a sale) the amount due or received in connection with the executed transaction.

When purchase or sale orders are placed and Navellier Gold cannot match precious metal bars from a Precious Metal Supplier or the Retail Client, as applicable, exactly to the dollar amount, Navellier Gold will use its reasonable discretion to execute the transaction as close as possible to the dollar amount.

Is there a minimum purchase size?
Yes. Each individual purchase order can only be for a single product and must meet the minimum requirement for delivery or storage of that product. For example, a purchase of Gold American Eagle coins, 1 ounce gold bars, and 100 ounce silver bars would constitute three separate orders. No aggregation is allowed. The minimum purchase amount will be displayed on the trading platform during the first step of the order process when you select your product and options.

You may establish an account with any size minimum cash deposit and add to this over time until your cash balance meets the required minimum purchase size.

Account Opening

How do I open an account with Navellier Gold?
Opening an account with Navellier Gold is fast and convenient. Begin by completing an online application for either a precious metals 24k IRA or Navellier Gold Premier Account. It only takes roughly a few minutes.

Once your application is approved (typically within 24 hours) you can transfer funds to your account by bank wire, certified check, or ACH. Once the transfer is complete, you may make your first purchase.

How much does it cost to open an account with Navellier Gold?
Opening a Navellier Gold Premier Account is free of charge. You pay only for your gold and silver purchases, a very small commission, and for low cost storage or delivery of metals. IRA accounts are subject to a minimal establishment and administration fees (see below).

What kinds of accounts are offered by Navellier Gold?
Precious metals 24k IRA accounts are available as traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and SEP IRAs, so you can choose the type that’s right for you.

Navellier Gold Premier Accounts may be individual, joint, corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, or Trust relationships.

If you are uncertain which type of account is best for you, our customer support staff would be pleased to offer help and advice.


Can I deposit retirement funds (IRA or 401k) into my Navellier Gold Premier or 24k Auto-Savings Account?
No. Retirement funds must be kept separate for tax purposes. In order to add gold or silver to your retirement funds, you must establish a trading account in the name of your IRA. Alternatively, we can help you open a new precious metals 24k IRA account with Entrust that you can use to buy or sell precious metals through Navellier Gold. Just click here to see your options.

Will Navellier Gold be the custodian of my 24k IRA?
No. We have partnered with The Entrust Group who will be the custodian of all 24k IRA accounts. This is in accordance with the regulations governing IRAs and adds an important layer of protection for you.

How long will it take me to establish and fund my 24k IRA account?
Please allow 24 hours after completing your online application for a new IRA to be established with Entrust. If Entrust requires any additional information a representative will contact you during that period.

IRA to IRA transfers typically take 5-7 business days, depending on the turnaround time of the firm from which the funds are being transferred. Rollovers from employer sponsored plans typically take 10-15 business days, depending on the turnaround time of the current plan administrator.

What’s the difference between a precious metals 24k IRA, and a Navellier Gold Premier Account?
A Navellier Gold Premier Account is similar to a trading account with an online discount stock broker. The difference is that Navellier Gold deals only in gold and silver bullion as well as cash on hand.

A precious metals 24k IRA is a retirement savings account designed to hold gold and silver bullion as well as cash. Contributions to an IRA are tax deductible (subject to federal limits). The assets of IRA accounts must be held by an approved administrator. Navellier Gold has partnered with Entrust which serves as the custodian and administrator for all 24k IRA accounts. Entrust will report to you and the federal government regarding transactions in your account. However, your 24k IRA will be self-directed, which means that you are in charge of all trades and transactions within your account. Entrust charges a small $25 set-up fee, plus a low $100 annual fee to cover the cost of reporting and administration.

How do I add funds to my 24k IRA account?
There are three ways to deposit funds to your 24k IRA account:

1. You may transfer funds from any existing IRA.

2. You may rollover funds from a previous employer plan such as a 401k, 403b, or 457.

3. You may make an annual contribution to the IRA.

Will I be able to withdraw the actual metal in-kind from my 24k IRA or Navellier Gold Premier Account?
Yes. You may take physical possession of your metal at any time. In-kind distributions from an IRA must be reported to the IRS. The market value that will be reported on your 1099R will be based on the previous day’s closing price of that product.

What is an IRA to IRA transfer?
An IRA transfer is the movement of funds from one IRA trustee/custodian to another trustee/custodian. You can perform as many transfers as you like each year. Transfers are tax-free and there are no waiting periods between transfers. IRA transfers are not reportable on your tax return. To transfer funds from your current IRA to your 24k IRA, you complete simply fill in and submit the paperwork to Entrust. Entrust will then initiate the transfer on your behalf. Transfers between IRA accounts typically take 5-7 business days.

How do I ‘rollover’ funds from a previous employer plan to a 24k IRA?
Moving retirement funds from a previous employer plan to a traditional IRA is called a “direct rollover.” Typically, you would begin the process by completing the employer’s “direct rollover” form. The current administrator/employer is not required to withhold federal taxes on direct rollovers to a qualified IRA.

The alternative is an “indirect rollover,” in which the employer distributes retirement plan assets to you and you then contribute them to an IRA. To avoid taxes on the distribution, you must deposit the funds into an IRA within 60 days of receiving them. If the distribution from a qualified plan is made directly to you, the payer must withhold 20% for taxes. You can avoid the withholding by initiating a direct rollover to an IRA instead.

Do I have to file any additional paperwork to the IRS for trades made within my 24k IRA?
No. Transactions made within the 24k IRA are not subject to taxation. You do not have to report trades to the IRS.

However, the administrator (Entrust) will report distributions (withdrawals) from the 24k IRA to both you and the IRS.

What roll does the IRA Administrator (Entrust) play?
The IRS requires that IRA assets be held by a qualified custodian. Individuals may not act as IRA custodians. The IRA custodian/administrator is also responsible for all record-keeping and IRS reporting. It will record and keep track of all contributions, rollovers, and transfers made to the account,  all distributions that you take, and all investments you make within your IRA.

The custodian will also complete two required annual IRS filings (Forms 1099 and 5498) and submit them to both the IRS and you. The 1099 will show any distributions taken from your IRA. Form 5498 shows any contribution made to the account throughout the year, as well as the Fair Market Value of your account.

What IRA admistration and custodial fees are involved?
Entrust charges a one-time establishment fee of $25 and a low annual administration fee of $100 for IRA accounts. Administration fees are charged on the establishment date of the retirement account and each year after.

How will my precious metals be packaged for delivery?
We take caution to ensure that all packages are carefully and discreetly wrapped. All products are packaged in a secured box within another secured box.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping fees are determined by several factors, including the weight and value of your order. Though shipping charges will vary, they will be fully disclosed at the time your order is confirmed so there will be no surprises.

I have more questions. How do I contact Navellier Gold for answers or support?
Complete support and contact information may be found on our Contact Us page.