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Gold 1 oz Bar
Gold 1 oz bars are .9999 fine (99.99% pure) and contain one fine troy oz of gold.

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Gold American Eagle (1 oz) coins
American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are created according to the durable, .9167 fine or 22-karat standard.

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Silver 100 oz Bar
Silver 100 oz bars maintain a fineness of at least 99.9% purity.

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Silver American Eagle (1 oz) coins
Silver Eagles are tangible and beautiful investments. They are .999 fine silver, the finest silver coins ever issued by the US.

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  Please note: This is our last twice-monthly NavellierGold market update. In the future, we will be covering the gold market about onc
By Louis G. Navellier June 16, 2017
The big news in the first week of May was that the Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged. Pundits sold gold on the anticipation of that announcement last Wednesday (May 3), and then gold staye
By Louis G. Navellier May 3, 2017
In the last few months, we have written several times about how you don’t need to fear the Fed’s rate-raising decisions. Gold will likely perform fine if the Fed continues to raise rates. In fact,
By Louis G. Navllier April 18, 2017
The CRB Commodity Index declined 3.44% in the first quarter. Oil fell 5.8%, natural gas fell 13.4%. But gold rose 8.6% in the first quarter of 2017 and silver was the top-performing commodity of all t
By Gary Alexander April 5, 2017
  Just as we indicated here on March 3, and i
By Gary Alexander March 15, 2017

Before the election, we (and many other advisors) thought that the presumed chaos under this untested president and his controversial policies would be good

By Louis G. Navellier February 16, 2017
Gold rose from $1,159.10 in the final London close for 2016 to $1,212.80 as of the final close in January, 2017, for a gain of 4.63%.  Silver rose from $16.24 on December 31 to $17.29 on January 31 (
By Louis G. Navellier February 3, 2017
In its last weekly issue in 2016, Barron’s summarized the gloomy sentiment about gold on Wall Street by saying “the yellow metal’s price is anticipated to By Louis Navellier January 15, 2017
The books are now closed on 2016.  Gold began the year at $1,060, peaked at $1,366 in July and fell to $1,151 at year’s end for a net gain of +8.6%, not far behind the S&P 500’s 2016 gain of
By Louis G. Navellier January 2, 2017
Last year around this time (December 14, 2015), gold slipped under $1,050 per ounce – its lowest level since 2009. The main reason for gold’s decline was the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise
By Louis G. Navellier December 14, 2016
On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the U.S. stock market closed at another all-time high of 2,213 on the S&P 500, 5,399 on NASDAQ and 19,152 on the Dow Jones Industrials.  Meanwhile, gold declined
By Louis Navellier November 27, 2016

– Sending Stocks and Gold in Opposite Directions: What’s Next?

The drama escalated early Tuesday night when the New York Times forecast a 90% chance that Donald Trump would
By Gary Alexander November 10, 2016
Thermometers tell you today’s temperature, but barometers are the best source for seeing tomorrow’s weather today, based on the conflicts between powerful high and low pressure systems.  It’s t
By Louis G. Navellier October 24, 2016